Zipline to the Falls



Over 300,000 people have already knocked the Zipline to the Falls off their “Bucket List,” and so can you! It doesn’t matter if you are 7…or 97, this magical experience is truly for everyone. For both the thrill seekers and the hesitant, the Zipline to the Falls represents a hands-free, worry-free, and fully-guided experience like no other in the world.


Our wonderful staff assist you with the entire process, so all you have to do is put your worries away (they can be stored with your loose belongings, in our zip-up harness bag!) and soar.

From check-in to departure, a staff member is with you the entire process. Except for the ride. That’s all you!

  1. Check-in: We will check you in, provide you with a helmet, and introduce you to your Zipline Host.
  2. Pre-Zipline Experience: Our Zipline Host will guide you to our Launch Deck where you will receive all the necessary information, safety precautions, and fun facts before your flight.
  3. Harnessing: On the Launch Deck, you can observe other guests taking flight, snap some amazing photos of the incredible Falls view and get suited up in your Zipline harness by our staff.
  4. The Ride: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the thrilling ride and incredible panoramic views of the great Niagara Gorge, American Falls and the mighty Canadian Horseshoe Falls. It is by definition a hands-free ride. Our staff will make sure you gather your belongings at the end of your flight.
  5. Landing Deck: When arriving at the Landing Deck there’s no need to put on the brakes. Our fully automated braking system will slow your arrival and landing.
  6. Observation Deck: Here you will enjoy up-close views of the mighty Horseshoe Falls exclusive only to Zipline guests.
  7. Merchandise: Check-out our retail shop and you can take a piece (or pieces) of your Zipline to the Falls experience home with you! This is where you prove to everyone you actually did it!
  8. Zipline Express: How do you get back up? Well, our Zipline Express all-terrain vehicles will escort you up to the top, and even stop for a photo or two, a view only Zipliners get. Along the way, you will hear some amazing facts about the Falls that you have never heard before.
  9. Share your Experience: Be sure to visit us on TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram and more and share your Zipline To The Falls experience with family and friends


Early Bird Special** For a limited time! (Save $20 per person) $49.99 CAD + taxes and fees per person($35.70* USD + taxes and fees)

** Subject to availability.

Single Flight: $69.99 CAD + taxes and fees per person ($49.99* USD + taxes and fees)

Night-time Zipline:** For a limited time! (Save $30 per person) $49.99 CAD + taxes and fees per person($35.70* USD + taxes and fees)

** Subject to availability.

Family Pass* (Applies to four family members): $239.99 CAD + taxes and fees ($169.99* USD + taxes and fees). A savings of $40!

*Not valid with Early Bird or Night-time Zipline

*U.S. Exchange Rate subject to change.


Have you ever seen the Niagara Falls at night? How about Zipline at night? Well, you are in for a special treat!

Zipline past the American Falls and toward the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, where both sets of Falls are illuminated in a cascade of colors that dance and shine as you fly by! Experience the the thrill of ziplining in the dark, where your senses are heightened and you are totally mesmerized by the panorama of bright colours and spectacle.


1. Exclusive Viewing of Falls Illumination: Take in all the colours of the raining while soaring down to the Niagara River Gorge below.

2. Souvenir: All riders enjoy a complimentary light-up wristband souvenir. We need these to see you, but after you are done, you can show it to everyone!

3. Heightened Experience: Since you are Ziplining at night, your view will be focused squarely on the beautifully lit Niagara Falls. This makes this experience all the more memorable, providing a wonderful, dream-like ride that you will not forget!


WildPlay Niagara Falls has received permission to open from the Government of Ontario! We at WildPlay Niagara Falls are ready to have an adventure with you.

New guidelines, policies, and procedures have been implemented at our site for the well-being of our guests and team members.

At the Zipline to the Falls location only, guests are required to wear face masks from check-in to departure. Bringing your own mask is recommended, and those without will be provided a mask upon check-in.

Due to social distancing implementations, it is highly recommended that reservations are booked in advance and waivers are filled out prior to your arrival on site. We look forward to welcoming you back outside and up close to Niagara Falls.

Ready, Set, Zip!