Niagara Parks Power Station


From the most towering turbine to the tiniest detail, uncover fascinating stories hidden within the historic Niagara Parks Power Station, our newest must-see attraction.

Explore the first major power plant on the Canadian side of the Niagara River with immersive exhibits, restored artifacts and interactive storytelling. And at night, feel the once-dormant power station come to life in a breathtaking interactive experience you’ll never forget.

The Station

For 100 years, the “Canadian Niagara Power Company generating station” harnessed the powerful energy of the Horseshoe Falls and turned it into a great source of electricity. Now, years after its turbines came to a halt, the wonder of this hydropower pioneer is coming back to life in an entertaining and educational experience that highlights both the remarkable history and unique architectural features of this 115-year-old engineering marvel.

This not-to-be-missed experience offers an opportunity to be part of a thrilling revival, and a chance to discover the incredible history and heritage of this celebrated building. Dive into the history of the visionaries behind it as well as the workers that kept it running.

The Science of Power

Repurposed artifacts, interactive exhibits and interpretative installations offer a first-hand look at how this hydropower pioneer harnessed the power of water to generate electricity for 100 years. You’ll “follow the flow” up close with a scale model of the plant.

From its iconic roof to the tunnels deep below ground, it’s a remarkable demonstration of water to power. Then, roll up your sleeves and take control to learn first-hand how workers harnessed electricity every day at an interactive control panel.

Little Inventors Workshop

Enrich your little inventor’s weekend with our Little Inventors Workshop inside the all-new Niagara Parks Power Station! Saturdays and Sundays, these workshops feature STEM-related activities designed to inspire young minds to explore their curiosity and creativity through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

From age-appropriate history lessons to interactive STEM activities, Little Inventor Workshops offer an opportunity for our youngest guests to engage in electric, educational fun. Make a battery, design a simple circuit, recreate a famous invention and more!

Included with admission. All materials are provided.

Currents: Niagara’s Power Transformed

Experience the remarkable Niagara Parks Power Station in a whole new way with Currents, an epic sight and sound night show inside the heart of the plant.

This must-see attraction features immersive, interactive media where projected effects react to your presence. This one-of-a-kind sensory experience reawakens the machinery of this iconic power plant through imagery, colour, lights, sound, and a breathtaking musical score. Walk through this historic space and explore the incredible transformation of water to power.