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What To Do With A Toddler In Toronto - Skyzone Trampoline Park

What To Do With A Toddler In Toronto

By Natalie Preddy, The Adventures of Natty P

My son is at an age where he can’t sit still. Our days consist of activity, nap, activity in order to avoid too much time cooped up in the house. Luckily, for both our sanity, living in Toronto means that there are loads of places, spaces and activities for us to explore. From play centres to music classes, galleries to museums, Toronto has so much to ignite, excite and inspire both my son and I. What To Do With A Toddler In Toronto

Over the past week, my son and I have had a blast discovering some our city’s coolest toddler attraction. Attractions Ontario sent us to some real gems and I can’t wait to a) share them with you and b) go back to all of them!

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