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The Career Route In Ontario’s Southwest – A Showcase of Hospitality and Tourism Careers

WOODSTOCK, ON – February 16, 2022 – Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation (SWOTC) is
pleased to announce their new video series that showcases those who live and work in
Ontario’s Southwest and their reasons for choosing a career in hospitality and tourism.
The Career Route examines the careers of five individuals in the Ontario’s Southwest hospitality
and tourism workforce ranging from a Director of Sport Management to the Collections Manager
at a museum. The series demonstrates the value of working in the region including making a
real difference and being part of a community, all contributing to an enjoyable lifestyle.
The hospitality and tourism industry provides various employment opportunities for individuals of
all experience and education backgrounds. Being associated with entry-level positions in select
sectors, few regard the industry as a long-term career opportunity or understand the breadth of
employment positions connected to hospitality and tourism. Meanwhile, many job seekers look
for skill and career development opportunities.
Recruiting and retaining staff has become an ambitious task for hospitality and tourism
organizations, with many members of the workforce moving on to other industries, a challenge
worsened by the pandemic.
“In 2019, tourism jobs made up 1 in 10 of the entire workforce in Canada, employing 1.9 million
Canadians. In Ontario’s Southwest the workforce is the backbone of the tourism economy. The
industry presents so many opportunities for people to follow what their passionate about and
build a meaningful career” said Joanne Wolnik, SWOTC Executive Director.
It is the industry’s responsibility to demonstrate the value and benefits of hospitality and tourism
careers to ensure people feel welcome to join or return to the industry. The Career Route can
be watched here.

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