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Cambridge, ON – Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory has virtually opened its doors to the public with an
immersive 360 degree virtual tour through the Conservatory’s indoor tropical paradise.
As you make your way through the lush garden pathways, beneath the flowing waterfall, you’ll hear the
birds’ joyful songs echoing through the space between you and reality. Throughout this walking tour you’ll
be able to look up and around and witness thousands of free-flying butterflies dancing through the air.
The immersive 360 degree video is best experienced on a mobile device, smartphone or tablet, with
headphones on and the sound turned up.
“The Conservatory is a relaxing and peaceful space full of life and wonderment. With this virtual
experience, we hope to help people reconnect and find peace,” said Adrienne Brewster, Executive Director
and Curator of Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.
All throughout the year, Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory provides an opportunity to breathe, to play,
connect and learn. With this virtual tour, and through digital content shared on social media, that all
remains possible.
While the Conservatory is closed to the public due to the ongoing public health situation surrounding
COVID-19, this virtual tour can help to remind you that life is about patience, perseverance and
transformation, and that we’re all working towards the same thing, together.
Check out the 360 degree virtual tour online at:

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