MEGA Bonus Prize:

A Day at the Distillery District with the Premiere of Lite-Brite: Worlds of Wonder!

Enter this contest only once throughout the entire 10-week contest period. This prize will be drawn on August 2, 2024.

Prize Package Includes:

We’re excited to offer an extraordinary contest that combines fine dining and immersive entertainment in the historic Distillery District. Here’s what the mega grand prize includes:

  1. A Gourmet Experience: Indulge in a luxurious $500 dining outing at Cluny Bistro.
  2. Exclusive Premiere Access: Get a $500 VIP Package to the premiere of “Lite-Brite: Worlds of Wonder,” along with a special gift pack filled with exclusive merchandise including:
    • Exclusive gift-set including one Classic Lite Brite (retail at $32.99) & one original Worlds of Wonder design template
    • One Lite-Brite photo souvenir 
(retail at $6)
    • $5 coupon to use in the Illuminarium Bar or Retail (Alcohol exclusions apply)
    • Dedicated play area to create with your Classic Lite Brite
    • Premium Pass Lanyard
    • Cinematic show passes for up to 6 guests (60min+ experience)

Enter today for your chance to win an unforgettable day at the Distillery!

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    SKILL TESTING QUESTION: What type of shows does Illuminarium create?.

    This Contest draws on August 2, 2024. For winners list, please click here.