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Gift Cards Can Help Attractions During COVID-19 Pandemic

Toronto, March 17, 2020 – Citizens have found themselves in a precarious if not frightening set of circumstances as COVID-19 sweeps through nations across the globe. The safe and responsible way to mitigate the spread is through social distancing, self-isolation and, yes business closures. The Canadian and Ontario governments have asked its residents and businesses to do just this; but what impact is this having on small business owners? 

There are 1.14 million small businesses across the country, and their livelihood is in the balance as the country navigates through this uncertain time. In particular, the Ontario tourism sector could see permanent attraction closures as revenues continue to drop and these businesses find themselves in a situation from which they cannot recover. “Many of our small attractions may go out of business because of this viral outbreak, they cannot survive weeks of little or zero cashflow,” says Troy Young, CEO of Attractions Ontario. 

These small and/or privately owned attractions are vital to Ontario’s tourism and are what make up the diversity and intrigue of our province; and they are struggling. So, what can you do to help? Support these businesses by pre-booking or by purchasing gift certificates  and memberships now to use after the pandemic. This simple action will help these attractions and will give hope to the small business owners that there will be a future for them. “If you can do one thing today, buy a gift card or membership from an attraction. If everyone makes this effort these important businesses will have a fighting chance,” says Troy Young, CEO, Attractions Ontario. “It also gives you something to look forward to after the epidemic is declared over.” 

The COVID-19 pandemic will have effects on our economy and on the tourism sector, that is not something we can ignore. We can do our part to show patronage to the tourism industry by supporting and helping sustain these businesses that play not just a major role in the appeal and draw of Ontario as a travel destination, but also an essential part of the growth and recovery of our province. For a list of Ontario attractions that offer online gift card purchases please visit the link below. 

Attractions Ontario is a non-profit association, dedicated solely to optimizing attendance for their member attractions. As the only province-wide trade association dedicated exclusively to the attractions sector of the tourism industry, Attractions Ontario members encompass over 400 public and privately-owned attractions in numerous categories such as amusement parks, historical sites, cultural activities, arts & entertainment and adventure tourism. 

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