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Distillery District Toronto

The Best way to Enjoy the Toronto Distillery Christmas Market is by Walking Tour

I love Christmas. It is my favourite time of year. Yep, I am that Christmas lover who indulges in egg nog, whose credit card usually gets maxed, and the one caught wearing an ugly Christmas sweater proudly. These special Christmas traditions sprinkle joy and happiness to the season and continue to make it possible to stay sane. So with this in mind, undoubtedly I seek out markets and fairs that prominently offer seasonal and festive goods to add even more sparkle to my holiday. And with this in mind, I just could not miss the world famous Toronto Distillery Christmas Market! Crazy! A world renowned market right in my hometown! And how better than to experience it with a touch of history on a walking tour?


Janine of Fill My Passport is an active traveller, writer and editor. She has been to 40 countries, enjoys uncovering untold stories, and has yet to find a cupcake she doesn’t like. She has been featured on Skyscanner, Trivago, and TravelRadar sites, is a published author, and is currently focusing on Local tourism, City getaways, and Lifestyle subjects.

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