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Canadian War Museum

Let your students immerse themselves in a dynamic, hands-on experience that is sure to expand their knowledge of the conflicts that shaped Canada, Canadians and the world.

The Canadian War Museum, your museum of military history, offers a wide range of learning opportunities that will fascinate students of all levels. Through historical artifacts, personal stories, artwork, photographs and interactive presentations, the Museum’s school programs help students discover Canada’s rich military history.

Programs match the Ontario and Quebec primary and secondary school curricula. Our programs include hands on materials, group interactivity and role playing. Gallery Activity Sheets available. For details, visit

CONTACT: Call Centre – 819 776 7014 or 1 800 555 5621
LOCATION: 1 Vimy Place, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0M8

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GRADES All (Preschool to 12)

Min Group Size: 15 Participants
Max Group Size: 30 Participants per program
Length: 45 Minutes
Subject Areas: History, geography, language, the visual arts and social studies.

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