Wanderlight Alpaca Experience


Connecting you with a curious and wondrous animal – the alpaca – he is your companion for a private, guided trail walk over the rolling hills and shaded forests of our farm.


Playful, graceful, and a little marvelous, each alpaca has a unique personality.

Alpacas are timid but curious – reach out and they may shy away but stand quietly and they will soon want to connect with you.

Which will you be drawn to – Heaven, Cartwright, Oberon, Puck, Q, Cassidy or Briar?


Your private sixty minute alpaca experience will begin with introductions.

Learn a little bit about these gentle animals (did you know they have been domesticated for 5000 years?) and spend some time getting acquainted with the Wanderlight herd.

Select your companion for the walk and spend some time building trust with them.


With patience, kindness and presence you will gain the trust of your alpaca and be ready to set off on the guided walk in the company of your new friend, with many opportunities for photos along the way.

Wanderlight offers a time apart to form a bond with a unique animal and fill your senses with the beauty of the natural world…

…and it’s fun!