Urban Capers Scavenger Hunts Claimed


Distillery District Scavenger Hunt
(Distillery District)

Explore the trendy Distillery District’s cobble-stoned streets that have witnessed rum-running outlaws, Hollywood stars, secretive weapons and more in this prohibition-themed hunt.

Teams track down heritage relics, solve clues and answer trivia while racing to complete creative 1920’s photo and video challenges, all before the clock runs out.

ROM Mystery Scavenger Hunts

Intrigue at the Museum (formerly Murder at the ROM)
There has been a mysterious murder, and the museum’s collections hold the key.  As you gather clues, you’ll begin to piece together a tale of greed, lust, pride, and revenge. Working in teams, sleuths travel through the museum’s galleries solving whodunnit, where, and with what.
The Adventures of Indie Santiago: A ROM Mystery
Famous adventuring heiress Indie Santiago was visiting an archaeological dig in the Accona desert when she went missing- along with a recently unearthed artifact. Scour ancient civilizations, unravel a tale through the ages and discover the secrets of the missing artifact to answer….
Where in the world is Indie Santiago?

Secrets of St Lawrence
(Old Toronto)

Discover the roots of Toronto in and around the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, with stops at a park dedicated to a notorious spy, Toronto’s first post office, a grand vaudeville theatre and more! Experience Old Toronto’s veiled past as you unearth the tales of its unsung heroes, rebels and stars.

Discover Hidden Toronto
(Yorkville & Queens Park)

Toronto has many tales hiding in plain sight! Explore the stomping grounds of famous Canadians who helped abolish slavery, created the hippie counterculture of the 1960s, and invented peacekeeping. Discover a hidden river, a miniature Victorian mansion, and learn why Toronto is called “Hogtown”. Journey from the Royal Ontario Museum, through the gothic, ivy‑covered arches of the University of Toronto, to Queens Park, past the mansions of Toronto’s early families, and into star‑studded Yorkville.

Highlights of Toronto
(Financial District)

Will you find the home of 40,000 live bees, an urban oasis, an ancient labrynth? Blaze your own unique path through the heart of Toronto’s downtown, from the True North’s version of Time Square to the busiest station in Canada. Your team gets a long list of clues hidden across the central core of Hog Town, and it’s up to you to plan well so you can gather all the answers before time runs out!