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Thomas Foster Memorial


The Thomas Foster Memorial was built in 1936 for $250,000.00 in the rolling hills of Uxbrigde Township. The Memorial is of Byzantine Architecture, with solid bronze doors, stain glass windows hand painted and fired. The domed roof is of solid copper pierced with 12 stained glass leaded windows. The floor are rich coloured terrazzo and marble mosaics wrought in symbolic designs.

The Thomas Foster Memorial in the rural hills of Uxbridge Township was inspired by the Taj Mahal and is a magnificent building with solid copper three dome roof, solid bronze doors, the interior is solid marble in different colors complimented by 22k gold mosaics that shine all he way to the top dome. Fridays at the Foster which are concerts each Friday night from May to October are highlighted by the excellent acoustics and personal setting.

Contact Information
4kn N of Uxbridge on Durham 1 (conc.7) Uxbridge L9P1R2
Phone: (905) 640-3966 888-559-9022
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