Scenic Caves Nature Adventures


At Scenic Caves Nature Adventures you can savour the breathtaking lookouts from the highest point of the Niagara Escarpment, set in one of Canada’s sixteen UNESCO biosphere reserves. Learn about the First Nations’ Huron Petun tribe as you discover the mysterious places and hidden natural fortress which sheltered the native people from their enemies.  Venture over Southern Ontario’s longest 420ft. Suspension Footbridge which offers spectacular views of Georgian Bay and surrounding countryside. Hitch a ride on Rocky the train, and enjoy the additional features such as: children’s adventure playground, pan for gemstones, mini golf, trout pond, picnic areas, snack bar and gift shop. This nationally designated Canadian/Ontario Signature Experience is “˜superbly natural’!

Please, no pets, and running or hiking shoes are required.

Scenic Caves, Caverns and Nature Trails


  • Scenic Caves Nature Adventures is one of Canada’s “great natural wonders”
  • Self-guided walking trails through caves and caverns carved millions of years ago by glacial ice
  • A historic village site, home of the “Deer Tribe” of the Petun First Nations people
  • Eighteen unique geological rock features
  • Numerous spectacular lookouts with panoramic views of 10,000 square kilometers of Georgian Bay
  • Situated at the highest point of the Niagara Escarpment, set in one of Canada’s sixteen UNESCO biosphere reserves

How much time should I plan to be at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures?

At an average pace, the trail through the caves and suspension bridge takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Please allow extra time for additional activities.

The Suspension Bridge

The Suspension Bridge is an iconic showpiece at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures.  The longest footbridge in Southern Ontario, it is 420 feet in length and stands 25 meters above the valley floor.

From a vantage point, over 300 meters above the Bay, visitors may view 10,000 sq. km. of countryside, from Blue Mountain to Collingwood, and across the Bay to Wasaga Beach, Christian Island, and the distant shores of the Penetanguishene Peninsula.

The bridge is extremely safe.  Lined by a wire fence with handrail, it is wide enough for two people to walk side by side.  It can hold the weight of people standing tummy to butt, shoulder to shoulder, stacked 4-high the entire length of the bridge.

Open for approximately 10 months a year (April and November are weather dependent), visitors hike across it during the green season and snowshoe across it during the winter season.

During the fall, the 200 year old forest surrounding the footbridge is ablaze with colour.

Crossing the Scenic Caves Suspension Bridge is a memorable and breathtaking experience any time of year!

Key Stuff

  • Running/hiking shoes required.
  • Trails are well marked.
  • The self-guided trail sheets are translated to 5 languages (German, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch and French). Ask for them at the admission gate when you arrive. Or, download them in advance. (see below)
  • Park admission includes access to caves, caverns and suspension bridge.
  • Caves are open spring to fall (not open in the winter months).
  • There are no age restrictions for either the caves or suspension bridge, however we suggest children should be able to walk securely on their own, handle steep slopes, stairs and always be accompanied and supervised by a parent or adult.
  • Strollers are not allowed in the caves or suspension bridge.
  • Bring a back/front baby carrier.  Complimentary baby carriers are available (limited number, first-come first-served), at no charge. The six position units can carry 7 – 45 lbs (newborn to toddler), offering 4 season comfort.
  • The hike through the caves is steep in some places and may be challenging for pregnant women or anyone with medical conditions.
  • Bring along sunscreen, hats and water, especially during the hot summer months.

The Adventure

Nature, history and breathtaking scenery await adventurers of all ages.

Venture Deep Inside the Mountain

Explore a labyrinth of caves and crevices, up to 70 feet deep. Descend into the ice cave – a crevasse so deep and cold that snow and ice often remain here through early summer. The “Refrigerator Cave” is a favourite among visitors.

Brave the Heights For Spectacular Views

Step to the edge of the limestone cliffs to look down on 10,000 square kilometers of beautiful countryside and the deep blue expanse of Georgian Bay, over 300 meters below. “Lover’s Rest” is a romantic spot with a grand view.

Hike the Shady Trails of a Unique Nature Reserve

The Niagara Escarpment has been designated a biosphere reserve by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), one of four in Ontario. Beneath a canopy of sugar maples and red oak, admire each season’s display – clusters of white birch, forest berries, wildflowers, trillium’s and such rarities as the Maidenhair fern.

Explore the history

Search near Ekarenniondi for the shadows which marked paths to the mysterious underworld. Explore the hidden natural fortress which sheltered the Petun people from their enemies.

The Hurons told of a sacred place some eight leagues distant. There, stood a rock called Ekarenniondi, marking the path to the Village of the Souls.

Nearby could be found the cabin of Oscotarach, who gazed Eastward toward the approaching souls, and who drew away their memories so they could cross to the afterlife unencumbered.

Since Jean de Brébeuf recorded these tales in 1636, adventurers, archaeologists and historians have sought the legendary crossing place. They finally found it here, high atop Blue Mountain.

Now you can step through the very portal of the underworld and explore it for yourself.

Spark curiosity

Scenic Caves Nature Adventures provides a unique natural environment to explore geology, chemistry, biology, physics, archeology and history…all at once! Take a moment to browse our website for background information to share with your family (+ view Education Programs, Natural History, Facts & Stats).



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