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Voted Toronto’s #1 Escape Room Venue!

Featuring interactive escape room games.

We are home to several different games and immersive rooms that give you an exciting experience like no other. Each one has its unique challenges and themes that will guarantee a fun time for any of our customers. We go out of our way to make sure that you are having a great time and to make this something that you will remember long after you have escaped the puzzle.

Mystery at Maryweather Mansion

Explore the home of famed explorer Jayne Maryweather! You are on an important mission to rescue her most valued possession. There is more to this gothic mansion than meets the eye, however. Follow the twists and turns in the story to unlock its mysteries!

Operation Flamingo

Infiltrate a house at dawn without leaving a trace. As some of the top secret agents around, this should be no problem for you. Or does this house hold something more dangerous than you could imagine? The fate of the world is in your hands!

Walden’s Wizarding Shop

For all of your magic and wizarding needs – Walden’s shop has everything! But wait, something’s amiss – who’s minding the shop? Wands at the ready! A magical new adventure will be apparating soon.

Why Choose Us?

The Looking Glass Difference:



Not scary

Storylines are not scary or upsetting, offering you peace of mind.



Designed for beginners and advanced players

Our adventures are specifically crafted to allow various levels of challenge. We adjust the games accordingly for each team’s experience and skill level in order to ensure an enjoyable time. Our games are not too challenging for inexperienced players nor are they too easy for seasoned adults.

Team workImage

Our puzzles are designed to employ a variety of skills and encourage team work. Your experience will be fun and rewarding.


Hints optional

If a party needs assistance, we tailor hints for them to further their progression. Hints shape the experience uniquely around a party’s strengths and weaknesses, guaranteeing a fun and engaging time.

Ready for Adventure?