K1 Speed Canada


Toronto’s Indoor Go Karting Centre

K1 Speed Toronto’s indoor go karting track is an ideal venue for get-togethers, kids’ birthday parties, special occasions, corporate events, team building exercises, and more. With Arrive & Drive racing available for adults and juniors, head-to-head race leagues, and private race packages, there are plenty of options to choose from at K1 Speed. We invite you to join us at our Toronto indoor go karting location to see for yourself what the hype is about. With high-performance electric go karts and exciting wheel-to-wheel racing, we are confident that you won’t be disappointed!


Electric Karts are the Way of the Future


Our electric go karts offer a number of benefits over traditional gas-powered karts. The first is safety. With electronic governors and onboard computer systems, each of our karts can be remotely shut off or slowed down, which helps our team maintain a safe environment for everyone. Should a driver spin on the track or run into a barrier, we can slow the karts on track until the area has been cleared.


Of course, another primary benefit is performance. With maximum torque available at all speeds, our electric karts accelerate out of corners like a rocket – not only is this thrilling, but our karts more easily accommodate racers of all shapes and sizes, with little to no drop in performance. Racing along at speeds up to 45kph, mere inches from the ground, we assure you that you will miss the gas engines of yesterday!


Finally, our karts are quiet and emit no exhaust fumes of any kind, meaning our indoor centers don’t require the vast ventilation systems that you may see at other indoor karting centers. Our Toronto center, in fact, is clean and fit for the whole family, with a snack bar and large collection of racing memorabilia.