Jungle Cat World


Since 1983, Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park has been offering visitors the unique opportunity to see and experience wild species, many threatened with extinction, in an up-close and personal environment. Professional staff are readily available and always eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm. Welcome!

In 1981, Wolfram and Christa Klose adopted a male lion cub, named “Pasha”. Within a few months, a young female tiger (“Contessa”) and a lion (“Delilha”) were acquired to keep him company. A large enclosure was built in the middle of their rural property to safely and comfortably house them.

Public interest encouraged the development of a formal zoo. After years of hard work, “Orono Exotic Cat World”, which is now known as Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park, opened its doors to the public in 1985. By 1989, it was fully accredited by Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums.

What started out as a simple hobby, inspired by the Klose family’s love for animals, has evolved into a renowned zoological park, known for its captive breeding program and environmental education programs, like Safari Zoo Camp.

Due to the ever-increasing degradation and destruction of the natural environment, threatening millions of species worldwide with extinction, zoo’s have taken a leading role in helping protect, restore and conserve the many plants and animals we share this planet with. It is becoming increasingly obvious that humanity will suffer greatly over the upcoming decades if we continue to use the Earth’s resources unsustainably, even risking the survival of future generations.

Total number of species

at the zoo: 60

  • 31 mammals
  • 12 birds
  • 11 reptiles
  • 0 amphibians
  • 7 invertebrates

Total number of individuals

(specimens) at the zoo: 178

    • 93 mammals
    • 43 birds
    • 24 reptiles
    • 0 amphibians
    • 16 invertebrates


“We also took amazing pictures of all the animals, and had a much more in-depth experience by following the feeding tour. All of the staff at Jungle Cat World were friendly and knowledgeable. I’ve felt guilty in the past visiting other zoos when you can tell that the animals are unhappy or uncomfortable. This is NOT the case at Jungle Cat World.”

Excerpt from TripAdvisor