Haunted Walk of Ottawa


Haunted Walk of Ottawa takes you into the underbelly of Canada’s Capital!  Haunted Walks Inc. specializes in creating and sharing extraordinary experiences. We are best known for our award-winning evening walking tours by lantern-light of local ghost stories and darker history. Our tour guides delivery a wide variety of unique walking tours in Kingston, Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario.

Some of our local tours (check our web site for specific times and availability).

Ghosts and the Gallows – Haunted Jail Tour (Year-Round)

Are you brave enough to venture inside the old Carleton County Jail, one of the most haunted buildings in North America? Tour the cellblocks where inmates of all kinds were once imprisoned. Retrace the final footsteps of the condemned as you walk from Death Row to the last working gallows in Canada. In 1869, was an innocent man executed for the murder of Thomas D’Arcy McGee, a popular Canadian politician? Does he still haunt the hallways of the jail to this day? You will be the jury. Hear the evidence, experience the jail and then then decide for yourself!

From October 4 – November 2, join us for a special “ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?” version of our Ghosts & the Gallows tour. Cause what’s better than visiting an old haunted jail in near darkness?

Ghosts and the Gallows: Are you Afraid of the Dark (Halloween Season Only)

During our Halloween Season we take you inside the old Carleton County Jail (now HI Ottawa Jail Hostel) one of the most haunted buildings in North America – in the dark! Was the wrong man hanged for the murder of D’Arcy McGee? Does he still haunt the jail? Come face your fear and decide for yourself! Not recommended for children under 10.

The Original Haunted Walk of Ottawa (Apr – Nov)

The outdoor tour that started it all! We will share some of our favourite ghost stories from the area and lead you by lantern light to some of our favourite haunted spots, including: the Bytown Museum, the Fairmont Château Laurier and Ottawa’s haunted high school. You’ll never look at the city and these buildings the same again!

Crime & Punishment – Historical Jail Tour (Year-Round)

We set the ghost stories aside and concentrate on the incredible history of the old Carleton County Jail. How was the prison used? How bad were the living conditions? Did inmates try to escape? How many were executed? We’ll answer these questions and more as we put you to face-to-face with the last working gallows in Canada.

The Haunted Walk Experience at the Mackenzie King Estate (July – October)

Join us for a moonlight walk around the Mackenzie King Estate, located deep inside Gatineau Park. As we lead you through this secluded getaway we will explore the former Prime Minister’s incredible property, his passion for spiritualism and the supernatural, and share some of our favourite ghost stories from the grounds.

2019 Dates: Saturdays July 6 – October 19 (except August 3rd)

The Haunting at Laurier House (September – November)

There is no building in the city with a stronger connection to the supernatural than Laurier House. This haunted mansion was the home of two former Prime Ministers. Sir Wilfrid Laurier lived there for over 20 years and died in the house in 1919. William Lyon Mackenzie King then made it his home until 1948. King had a deep interest in spiritualism and would routinely hold séances and table-rapping sessions in the building, attempting to speak with the dead. Is it possible that these attempts opened a doorway to the spirit realm?

To learn more, visit our Haunting at Laurier House page.

The Haunted Walk’s Incident at the Bunker: A Zombie Adventure!

They’re baaaaack……Guests will be led on an interactive adventure with the undead, deep inside the labyrinth that is the Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum. This one-of-a-kind Halloween experience is a perfect combination of humour, storytelling, interactive challenges, unexpected surprises,  and of course…zombies.

This tour is not recommended for young children or anyone who cries easily when trapped underground and surrounded by a horde of the walking dead.

Want to be a zombie? Check out the Diefenbunker’s volunteer page!

2019 Dates: October 19, 20, 26 & 27

The Haunted Walk Experience at Upper Canada Village (June – August)

We will lead you through the darkened pioneer village, sharing chilling tales about Upper Canada’s darker history and the ghosts that may still linger in some of the buildings on-site today. This unique opportunity to see Upper Canada Village after the lights go out will only be available on select days this summer. As this tour often sells out, please be sure you have purchased your tickets before heading to the village.

2019 Dates: Saturdays from June 29 – August 31

A Night on Death Row (Halloween Season Only)

🎃 The ultimate Halloween experience! This package includes a premium Ghosts and the Gallows tour followed by a night in an authentic (3 foot by 9 foot) single cell on the haunted 8th floor of the HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel! Are you brave enough to stay the night? On this premium tour you will hear the many ghost stories of the jail and will have extra time to explore the cells and take part in unique activities. Check in is after the tour and requires photo ID. Check out is 11am. Free continental breakfast included!

The Haunted Walk’s Nightmare Before/After X-mas! (December)

Join us as we explore the darker side of the festive season. Hear about strange and frightening holiday traditions from around the world and gather in close as we share creepy Christmas-themed ghost stories. The majority of the tour will take place inside the spooky Bytown Museum, one of Ottawa’s oldest and most haunted buildings. Once inside, you’ll learn why some Haunted Walk tour guides are too scared to give tours of the museum – even at Christmas time! Pay close attention to the stories and you might just win yourself some extra presents before the night is through!

2019 Dates: TBD

Whelan’s Night (Special Ghosts & The Gallows Tour)

Join us on the anniversary of the execution of Patrick James Whelan at the old Ottawa Jail. We will explore the history & hauntings that all hinge on this pivotal date. At the conclusion of the tour, paranormal investigators from Phantoms of Yore will be on hand to lead the brave on a series of unique experiments. Not recommended for children.