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Gone Sailing Adventures is the only company in Toronto that is licensed to operate commercial private and group sailing charters. Each of our boats exceed Transport Canada’s minimum safety requirements.

Our services include: 3 hour sails, yacht rental for private events (2-40 people), sailing lessons, team building, corporate events, fractional yachting, Caribbean charters, planning and organizing worldwide sails and much more.

About Gone Sailing Adventures:
Gone Sailing Adventures was founded in 2008 by Howie Colt. His passion for sailing and over forty years of experience has developed into a desire to introduce more people into the world of yachting. Starting as a cruising instructor, Cap’t Howie has grown the company to provide the widest range of sailing options in the Greater Toronto Area. The list includes Daily & Special Event Sails; Sailing Lessons through Sail Canada, NauticEd and Toronto Harbour Licensing; Private Charters on Lake Ontario; Team Building and Corporate Events; Membership – Fractional Sailing; Winter Cruising in the Caribbean; Bareboat and Skippered Charters throughout the world.
Howie Colt started Gone Sailing Adventures 9 years ago from his love of sailing. As the Senior Instructor, Canadian Licensed Ship’s Master, and International Yacht Master (200t) he brings over 40 years of experience providing sailing lessons to adults, children, couples, families and special needs students.”‹
Howie has logged over 20,000 miles sailing the Great Lakes, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean and Aegean Seas.
“I am passionate about wind, water and the magic of sailing. My goal is to inspire that passion in you and launch you on a lifetime of adventure. The Gone Sailing Adventures Team are professional and experienced sailors. What are you waiting for, LET’S GO SAILING!”‹” -Howie Colt, Founder of Gone Sailing Adventures
From our 2hr Sailing Experience to any of our Special Event Sails, we will make your summer unforgettable and amazing. All of our special events may be customized and tailored to make it an even better private affair. Our Public sails are on our luxury 41′ yachts Australian Kiss or WhiRLygirl  
Private Charters

Sail Toronto Harbour and Lake Ontario on a private yacht. Choose one of our luxury yachts with a capacity of 2-12 guests or arrange multiple boats (up to 52 participants).

Private Charters are perfect for couples, more intimate groups, families, friends, Bachelor/ettes, Marriage proposals, Weddings or Corporate Team Building even Ash Scatterings. For events larger than 12 we utilize more than one yacht (as many as 10) and in the middle of our sail, we anchor and raft (see FAQ’s) together to enjoy social time with all of the guests across each of the boats.
Sailing School

Expert instructors will show you the ropes on the newest equipment. Whether you are a landlubber or an old salt, Gone Sailing Adventures offers a wide range of sailing lessons to satisfy your passion. Our instructional programs are comprehensive, and are internationally recognized through Sail Canada, International Yacht Training, and NauticEd.org. Choose from our list of sailing courses available both in water and online. We also provide personal and customized lessons on our boats or yours.

Most sailors use their boats less than 30 days per year, yet pay for 365 and spend another 20 days on maintenance. For a fraction of the annual cost of a new sailboat and no maintenance days, Gone Sailing Adventures members have season-long access to a new luxury yacht. With private, multi-day use of the yachts, members have the option to cruise for a week, get away for several days, or head-out for just a few hours.
Different from a conventional sailing club, boat charter or boat rental company, Gone Sailing Adventures – Fractional Sailing has created a sophisticated program that serves as an enticing alternative to yacht ownership. Now, you can choose the yacht that meets your lifestyle and be a part of the simplest and most cost-effective way to sail.