Garrison Petawawa Military Museums


The Garrison Petawawa Military Museum is home to three main artifact collections. Each of these collections come together to give our visitors an informative and entertaining overview of Garrison Petawawa and how we fit in to Canada’s Armed Forces today.  A visit to the museum is a great family activity for people of all ages to enjoy!

Garrison Petawawa Collection

Canadian Forces Museums hold an amazing array of objects relating to Canada’s military heritage, and the Museums at Garrison Petawawa are no exception!

At the Garrison Petawawa Military Museum you will learn:

  • Why does the Garrison Petawawa Military Museum have a small wooden box made by Adrien Arcand, the leader of the Christian Nationalist Socialist Party?
  • Why are artillery shells made by a local Canadian foundry, marked with Russian Cyrillic text?
  • What did Garrison Petawawa and Sir Alexander Graham Bell have in common?
  • What is the connection between Hollywood and 427 Squadron?

Garrison Petawawa Museum Collection

Canadian Airborne Forces Collection

Take a journey through the history of parachuting in Canada and learn about an exciting aspect of Canada’s Armed Forces!

Canadian Airborne Forces Collection

Canadian Guards Collection

Though the Canadian Guards were only active from 1953-1970, they have a rich and prestigious history that includes being the only regiment to call Petawawa their “Home Station”.