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Gardiner Museum

Visitors in the Chinese Porcelain Gallery.jpg
Gardiner exterior.jpg
Work by Jean-Pierre Larocque in the lobby.jpg
European Porcelain Galleries.jpg
Family Day activities.jpg
Pug dogs in the European Porcelain Galleries.jpg
Visitors in the Chinese Porcelain Gallery.jpgGardiner exterior.jpgWork by Jean-Pierre Larocque in the lobby.jpgEuropean Porcelain Galleries.jpgFamily Day activities.jpgPug dogs in the European Porcelain Galleries.jpg

The Gardiner Museum brings together people of all ages and backgrounds through the shared values of creativity, wonder, and community that clay and ceramic traditions inspire.

We engage audiences with exhibitions, programs, and hands-on classes, while stewarding a significant permanent collection. We interpret historical ceramics to emphasize their relevance today, and champion emerging and established Canadian artists and their role in the broader world. We innovate through clay education, as it brings together the experience of making with a deeper understanding of the art of ceramics.

We believe in making, looking, and thinking through clay.

Contact Information
111 Queen's Park, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C7, Canada M5S 2C7
Phone: +1 416-586-8080
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