Live the Thrill

Complete with 6 haunt experiences, 6 food areas, beer garden and entertainment throughout the Farm.

This isn’t your average haunted house, it’s the Legendary Haunted Farm.


Hillbilly Hike

Out back in the swamp woods, Hillbillies rule the world, and they’re none too fond of visitors. When the chainsaws start, you best get moving.

Hiller House

One way in, one way out, and so much horror between. Don’t make any noise, if Dr. Hiller finds you, it’ll be your new home.

The Hayride

Take the dark and winding hayride through corn fields and forests, back in time to witness unspeakable horrors and creatures of the past.

The Visitors

It started as a harmless experiment, then they took over. See if you can make it through the abandoned research centre alive…


Clowns are no laughing matter, especially after the show. Think you’re brave enough to survive the crooked, crazy Carnies?

The Stalking Dead

You never know what you’ll find wandering through the pitch black corn field… better keep your wits about you, and whatever you do, don’t get lost.

Pour Sugar On It

We’ve got sweets and treats of all kinds to help you forget how much you screamed.

Grab a friend and try one of the 6 food areas, the best poutine you’ve ever had, or a brownie the size of your face!