Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat & Heritage Village


The Polar Bear Habitat & Heritage Village is a non-profit facility committed to conservation, education, research and recreation of the human and natural heritage of the lower James Bay ecosystem and the Great North Clay Belt. We rehabilitate non-releasable polar bears from sub-standard zoos, circuses, private ownership, and the wild. Animals are offered the most advanced bear husbandry techniques in the international captive animal community. Once rehabilitated the bears will remain with us if they are old bears looking for a place to retire. If they are young bears, we will find new homes for them in the international captive community that meet our high standards of care. Polar bears that have been rehabilitated at the Habitat will never be abused or neglected again for the rest of their lives. After visiting the bears, come and take walk down our street to memory lane at the Heritage Village, and be welcomed back to a forgotten time.