About the Aga Khan Museum


The Aga Khan Museum provides visitors with a window into the artistic, intellectual, and scientific contributions of Muslim civilizations to world heritage.

Opened in 2014 in Toronto, the Aga Khan Museum is home to over 1,000 masterpieces showcasing the arts of Muslim civilisations from the Iberian Peninsula to China.  Its dynamic collection of manuscripts, scientific instruments, paintings, ceramics, and metalwork continues to evolve through new acquisitions.

Now spanning the eighth to the 21st centuries, this collection shows the enduring power of tradition in contemporary art. Its mission is to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the contribution that Muslim civilisations have made to world heritage.

Through education, research, and collaboration, the Museum will foster dialogue and promote tolerance and mutual understanding among people.  As a vibrant educational institution, the Museum encourages the full spectrum of public engagement with its diverse permanent collection of more than 1,000 objects and its ever-changing roster of exhibitions and innovative programmes – including music and dance performances, theatre, lectures, workshops, and film screenings.


Site-specific offerings:

  • Diwan Restaurant
  • Courtyard Cafe
  • Aga Khan Museum Shop
  • Aga Khan Park
  • Museum Experience Tours
  • Live Performances
  • Event Space


Hours of Operation:

Temporarily closed