Unlock a world of immersive learning at Arcadia Earth in downtown Toronto! Our educational bookings offer a unique opportunity for students of all ages to learn about environmental conservation, sustainability, and the wonders of our planet. Explore our captivating exhibits that blend art, science, and technology to inspire a deeper understanding of our planet’s beauty, the importance of preserving it, and what individuals can do to their part. Book your educational adventure at Arcadia Earth today and spark a lifelong passion for a greener, more sustainable future for the youngest generation who can have the biggest impact.

CONTACT: Natalie Belman | 877-634-3490
LOCATION: 486 Front Street West, Building C – SF03 Toronto ON M5V 0V2


Min Group Size: 15 Participants
Max Group Size: Variable
Length: 90 Minutes
Subject Areas: Climate Change, Science/Ecology, Art, Technology