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25 places to see and visit between Sudbury and Thunder Bay

By Gaby no Canada

Whenever we plan a roadtrip, I end up wasting more time looking at what to do on the journey’s path than at the final destination. I always think that the journey goes beyond the destination and has to involve the entire path we’re taking. In the case of the trip we made recently to Northern Ontario (final destination Thunder Bay) this became even more important. Look below why:

  • We did +2500km on this trip (round trip)
  • Our trip took a total of 10 days and we spent 6 of them on the road

I have to confess that I was a little apprehensive if we were going to enjoy the trip because I thought we wouldn’t have much to see on the way. I was very – very – wrong. The drive between Sudbury and Thunder Bay is incredible and full of breathtaking attractions. Many times I found myself speechless and even thinking about how I had never been there living 11 years in Canada.

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