Bancroft Village playhouse


The Bancroft Village Playhouse is a stunning historic venue in the heart of downtown Bancroft, Ontario. Whether showcasing local talent, professional musicals, or international films, this immaculately maintained hub of arts and culture gives your group access to a vibrant local community as well as a swell of 40,000 summer residents, and cottage and provincial park traffic. Operated by Tweed & Company Theatre (Hastings County Tourism Champions), the venue is available to rent year-round, and is open to the community and the larger arts industry like never before.


Tweed & Company Theatre is a registered charity and is a creator and producer of original Canadian musical theatre, as well as quality professional grassroots regional theatre. Tweed & Company owns and operates the Marble Arts Centre and the Tweed Outdoor Stage in Tweed and operates the Bancroft Village Playhouse. The company has been active since the fall of 2009, and has produced five large-scale original Canadian musicals, as well as countless other Canadian and international productions. Tweed & Company Theatre is based in Hastings County and also produces site specific work and special events.