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Toronto Zoo And Magnusmode Partner To Launch Digital Zoo Support Guides For Those With Autism

Toronto Zoo and Magnusmode Partner to Launch Digital Zoo Support Guides for Those with Autism


The Toronto Zoo and Magnusmode are proud to announce the official launch of MagnusCards for the Zoo! Toronto Zoo has been working with Magnusmode, a company based out of Waterloo, in the creation of simple step-by step-card decks, known as MagnusCards, designed to assist those with cognitive special needs, including autism, in managing and mastering certain activities such as a visit to the Zoo.


The five card decks created especially for the Toronto Zoo include:


  • Entering the Zoo
  • Giant Panda Experience
  • Tundra Trek
  • African Rainforest Pavilion
  • Getting Help


“The Toronto Zoo is delighted to participate in the MagnusCards program, which is a true example of community engagement,” said Jennifer Tracey, Senior Director of Marketing Communications and Partnerships, Toronto Zoo. “The Zoo is excited to know that the creation of Zoo MagnusCards will help to create a safe and exciting outing for Zoo visitors who utilize the app.”


“Places like the zoo can be overwhelming and confusing to people with cognitive special needs,” said Nadia Hamilton, President & Founder of Magnusmode. “We are thrilled to partner with the Toronto Zoo to provide an innovative solution that minimizes stress and anxiety. By removing these barriers to participation, people of all abilities can take part in and be inspired by all the zoo has to offer.”


MagnusCards is a free downloadable app, which features a memorable cartoon character named “Magnus” to provide users with step-by-step instructions on their phone for navigating places such as: malls, banks, restaurants, transit, and now the Toronto Zoo! Magnus also rewards the user for completing and repeating activities.  The MagnusCards app is available through the IOS App Store and Android Google Play Store today!


There are 12 different categories, which feature different sets of MagnusCards. These categories range from travel, health, and personal care, to things like shopping, food, sports and entertainment, and arts and culture, which the Toronto Zoo decks are featured under.  These five card decks will be available until late November 2017.

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