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Black Footed Ferret - Toronto Zoo



TZ Black Footed Ferret 2 TZ Black Footed Ferret
Photo Credit: K. Wright,Toronto Zoo

CLICK HERE for video of black-footed ferret kits at 50 days old


Toronto Zoo has been participating in the conservation breeding program for the black-footed ferrets since 1992. Since then, the Zoo has bred hundreds of baby ferrets (kits) for reintroduction to the wild in USA, Mexico, and Canada where they were listed as extirpated in 1978. This program is significant as we re-established an extirpated, Canadian species back into the prairies.



“The black-footed ferret was once thought to be extinct in the wild.Saving species at risk like the black-footed ferret is only possible through partner collaboration and the success of international ferret recovery demonstrates how working together can have a big impact on saving critically endangered species” says Maria Franke, Curator of Mammals, Toronto Zoo.


This year, Toronto Zoo has 16 adult ferrets. One female, named Twilight Sparkle after a My Little Pony character, gave birth to four kits (three males and one female) on April 16, 2016. Kits are born blind, hairless, and are less than 10 centimetres long. Twilight Sparkle was instantly a very good first-time mom, nursing and protecting her babies. The kits weaned at approximately 30 days of age and started eating meat brought over by Mom. A week or so after weaning, their eyes started to open and they began to explore their surroundings. Now at 73 days old, their personalities are strong and they are very active and chatty. The kits had their first veterinary exam last week and are all healthy with beautiful adult colours. They are full grown and the boys weigh more than Mom, adult females weigh 700-800 grams and adult males 900-1,000 grams.


On June 13, 2016, another female named Indigo gave birth to six kits, though two appeared to have been stillborn. Six kits would have been a large litter size, especially for Indigo being a first time mom. Mom and her four kits have been doing very well. Mom would curl her whole body around the kits like a donut, but the kits tried hard to squirm out. Now at 14 days old, they have grown quite a bit, have white baby fuzz, and are even squirmier.


Four other females bred this year; three did not become pregnant. The remaining female, named Fiddlesticks, gave birth on June 22, 2016 to one kit. Females can have between one and seven kits, with an average litter of three to four, so this is a small litter but not uncommon. Fiddlesticks is an experienced mom and not bothered by a single noise in the barn. She has been caring for this kit just as well as she did for her four kits last year. In the fall, kits will go to the National Black-footed Ferret Conservation Center in Colorado to prepare for release into the wild. They will live in outdoor pens and learn valuable skills such as hunting prairie dogs.


Toronto Zoo is proud to be part of this successful program, which has helped restore the wild population to approximately 300 animals. However, the ferret continues to need our help as they face habitat loss and disease.


*Please note, the black-footed ferret kits are not viewable to the public or media.


CLICK HERE to learn more about Toronto Zoo’sBlack-Footed Ferret Conservation Breeding Program.


CLICK HERE to learn more about the black-footed ferret.

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