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Crashing down like a punch to the rocks below, Niagara Falls has been a powerful natural landmark for centuries. Generations of lovebirds have journeyed to this natural wonder for honeymoons, families have made it a tradition, and new travelers continue to put a visit on their bucket list year after year. That’s why Expedia Canada is partnering with Attractions Ontario to present you five different ways to view Niagara Falls.

1. Niagara Hornblower Cruises

With mist hitting your face and a pink raincoat protecting you from misty sprays, hold onto the rail of the boat until you reach the baseline of the crashing water. A trip aboard the Niagara Hornblower Cruise is one of the best ways to get close to the splashing waves. Mingle with other visitors in their salmon-coloured raincoats as you all bob closer to the thunderous falls. It’s a community experience and a good view if you have kids in tow.


2. Journey Behind the Falls

Did you know that you can see the falls from behind the scenes? Sign up for a Journey Behind the Falls tour, which takes you through the bedrock and tunnels behind the falls themselves. From there, you can see where one-fifth of the earth’s fresh water pours into the lakes below. To say that the tour allows you to see the Horseshoe Falls from a unique vantage point is truly an understatement.

3. Fallsview Casino

You don’t need luck for an awesome view of Niagara Falls from Fallsview Casino. The casino rests on a cliff that overlooks the Horseshoe Falls and happens to be the largest gaming facility in Canada. If the crashing water inspires you to win windfalls of cash, there’s plenty of that here. There are over 3,000 slot machines, 100 gaming tables, as well as an on-site poker room. Please play responsibly.

4. Skylon Tower

The Skylon Tower is nearly as iconic as the falls themselves. At 235 m above the falls, it offers nothing but majestic views from the top. Take the 52-second ride up in the glass enclosed elevator, where you can see the water, as well as the skylines of Buffalo and Toronto. The Skylon Tower restaurant is also a great spot for a view. The dining room rotates once an hour, giving munching patrons 360-degree views of Niagara Falls. Skylon Tower is the perfect seat to watch the falls plummet over the edge.

5. Niagara Helicopters Limited

When it boils right down to it, the best view of Niagara Falls is from the sky. So hop aboard a helicopter tour and see the roaring waves from a bird’s perspective. The Niagara Helicopters Limited tours will give you extremely close access to the barreling waters from an angle that’s hard to beat.

Niagara Falls is a legend across two countries’ lines. When you’re ready to see it in person, don’t just settle for a casual gaze.

– Expedia Canada Staff Writer 

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