b'Continued from page 16York, Durham and Headwaters (YDH), you already know whyI love this decision to do three mini road-trips for a couple of I did that. The food and beverage scene in all three regions isreasons. First, I am going to be completely comfortable and absolutely incredible. We even have amazing bootlegging tours!relaxed. I am technically going to be a tourist, but not feel out of Check out www.temperanceandtemptation.ca. place or in unfamiliar territory. After a year of fear and uncertain-ty, I cant even put a price on that feeling.iFly Secondly, we now have three smaller vacations to look forward to, instead of one big hurrah in the middle of the summer. It is going to provide much needed activity several times through-out the summer and fall and keep us looking forward to some-thing every few weeks.York, Durham and Headwaters has weeks worth of activities for you and your family.If you live in the GTHA, I know that our attractions and hospitality businesses would love to see you. Come for a day, a few days, or if you really need to get away from it all, spend a week or more. You arent going to hear Im bored while doing amazing, familiar activities. I have even start-ed thinking about doing the same thing over winter holidays, Family Day weekend and March break.Visit yorkdurhamheadwaters.ca for trip ideas and who knows, None of my three boys are going to be bored over the nextmaybe we will bump into you at one of the many incredible week or so. They have started doing their research to determineattractions in the region.what we are going to do for three days in each of the regions.They have started the process through our website,Chuck Thibeaultyorkdurhamheadwaters.ca, and then I have seen them go toExecutive Directorour stakeholder websites and even onto Google Maps to seeCentral Counties Tourismif they can encourage Trish and I to pick a gap activity of their choosing. Immerse yourself in the world of 1860s Toronto. Have fun exploring the past and experience the real lives of people who lived here long ago.Attractions OntarioRegion118www.BlackCreek.ca'