b'Oh, the Places Well Go inYork Durham Headwaters BY CHUCK THIBEAULTIt is the first day of summer vacation and one of my kids has al- Reptilia Zooready uttered the two words that make me see redIm bored. Maybe it is because in my day (I love being old enough to say that!), we may have been bored but would never have had the nerve to announce it. I can picture the reaction my dad would have had if I did.The next image that pops into my head is of me cutting the grass, vacuuming the car or digging a deep hole just because!But, instead of launching into an eye-roll-worthy tirade, I actually took a moment and realized that they could legitimate-ly be bored. For most of the last 16 months, they have been stuck at home with the same five people.No in-person visits with friends. Learning on-line.Not even their usual barrage ofknow and have a keen respect for the tourism stakeholders in sports to give them a break from the endless mundaneness of aDurham Region, York Region and Headwaters Tourism Region. COVID-19 lifestyle. I also know how much they have suffered since March 2020. The kids also know about all of the great things to see and do in the area and liked the ideawith the caveat that we make each a real vacation by staying overnight while visiting.I had actually been thinking of doing day trips, but the kids did have a point that part of the fun of any vacation is being away from home. And since we had already been planning on spending a week or so on the road, doing it in three shorter vacations isnt going to cost any more and I wont have to drive as much.This all happened last night.We concluded that each trip would be three days and two nights long, giving us nine days of activities to plan.Treetop TrekkingThe boys instantly started negotiating that they should each Our family loves a good road trip.The idea of waking upget to pick two main activities, leaving three for the two somewhere new every day and doing something different givesparents. I countered by saying that they could each pick three us all a sense of adventure.When we plan out our routes, wemain activities if Trish and I got to plan all of the gap activities make sure the kids are involved in the decision making. Each ofand got to choose one restaurant per day. If you have been to us gets to pick one thing that we absolutely must do and then, depending on how much free time is left, we go into full-on negotiation/bargaining mode to come to a consensus on whatOld Flame Brewing Co.other things we are going to do to fill the gaps.2021, while shaping up to be a better year than last, is still fraught with uncertainty when it comes to making those huge travel plans. My personal concerns are less about our health and safety and more about cancellation policies, getting back, quarantines and local restrictionsthings I really wouldnt have given a second thought about in pre-COVID planning. To be honest, I just want to go places I know and do things I am famil-iar with. I dont have it in me to plan for the unknown.So, with that in mind, we have decided to plan three mini-road-trips this summer. Having worked as Executive Director of Central Counties Tourism for the last nine years, I have gotten to Continued on page 186AAttttrraaccttiioonnssOOnnttaarriiooRegion1 116'