b'Whos Ready For aRoad Trip?Plan Your Ontario Vacation with UsBY KATE MARCHDid you knowthat Attractions Ontario has a road trip plan- Art Gallery of Hamiltonner? With so many attractions scattered across our beautiful province, this site will be your best friend when planning your Ontario vacation this summer. Map your own custom itinerary or use routes that are already pre-made to help make your Ontario adventure unique and full of new and fun experiences. Visit ontarioroadtrips.ca and look to the top right to choose.To get started, scroll to the map and type in your start and end location. Watch as the map populates with all the attractions to visit along the way. Choose you preferred stops, and even add in a hotel stay to create your very own personalized itinerary. Click on the Share/Print Directions button at the bottom to print your custom trip or save it to your phone for later. It couldnt be easier!If you are unsure of where to visit, or which part of Ontario to tackle this summer; weve got you covered! Click on the Preplanned Road Trips to reveal amazing travel excursions toNo matter which part of Ontario you want to visit, there is an ad-exciting Ontario destinations: venture waiting. Discover specially curated trips that are sure to keep you entertained, and perhaps introduce you to attractions that you were unaware existed. In addition, find themed preset trails for Ontarios Highland Region, Bruce-Grey County and York-Durham Region which include an apple pie trail, a brewery tour, a Manitoulin Pow-Wow Tour + so much more. Take the worry out of your planning and let us do it for you! Ontario has so much to offer. Day trips can be a great way to spend time with the family, but also road trips with camping and hotel stays in between showcase Ontario in an entirely new lightand you are sure to fall in love. With COVID restrictions still in place this summer, travelling within your own province is the way to go, so get to know your own backyard and connect with its beauty and adventure. There are so many amazing attractions awaiting your arrival. When planning your Ontario vacation this summer, dont skip ontarioroadtrips.ca, it will be African Lion Safari the only tool you need to plan the perfect adventure.Attractions Ontario 10'