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History and Beauty

By Phil Casey (yes that Phil Casey)

My family loves going to the Royal Ontario Museum! From the moment you walk up to it and gaze upon the magnificent Michael Lee-Chin Crystal which was added to the building in 2007 you feel the history and grandeur of this attraction.

My kids were interested in seeing one thing and that was Dinosaurs!

As soon as you enter the lobby you are greeted by a magnificent dinosaur fossil which made my kids excitement even more. I love hearing my kids argue about which was the cooler dinosaur (T-Rex or Triceratops) and being taken aback at how large some of these actually were.

Next we explored the treasures of Asia and Egypt. It was amazing to see such well preserved and displayed artifacts from the past. My family and I learned a lot.

One of my favourite parts of the museum is the ancient armor and weapons section. I am always fascinated by the craftsmanship of the suits of armor and swords from hundreds of years ago. I also loved showing my kids this part.

For those who are going to be going to the ROM in the coming months you are in luck as right now they are showcasing a special exhibit called CHIHULY. CHIHULY is an exhibit showcasing the work of Dale Chihuly who is one of the world’s foremost artists working in glass today. His pieces were both beautiful and awe inspiring. The way he was able to twist the glass into so many beautifully coloured shapes and sizes was well worth the extra cost and I highly recommend it.

Always a great experience at the Royal Ontario Museum!

Check out our video below!

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