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Of Rock & Chalk Ltd. – York Region’s Premier Climbing Gym!

Of Rock and Chalk

Welcome to Of Rock and Chalk - York Region’s Premier Climbing Gym!

Indoor rock climbing is fun for the whole family. Please come and join Of Rock and Chalk any day of the week for a fun, exciting challenge! We offer over 46 routes, with heights varying from 10 to 37 feet. We have six different bouldering areas, as well as simulated rock faces, chimney climbing, crack climbing, top rope and lead climbing areas.

Our gym also has 5 auto belay systems allowing climbers to come in on their own and participate on our large walls.  The auto belay takes up the slack as the climber ascends and safely controls the descent when the climber lets go or falls. To learn more about this system check out TRUBLUE.

Below are the different ways you can get started at Of Rock and Chalk:

Beginner's Course:

Our Beginner’s Course is an introduction to the sport of Indoor Rock Climbing. You will be taught how to put on your harness, how to tie your knots and how to belay. You will also receive a tour of our facility and you can climb until we close that day. The cost is only $44.25 (plus HST) per person, includes all the rentals you need for the day and a one month membership (rentals not included with membership). Please call to make an appointment.

BONUS – Our Beginner’s Course now includes a one month membership (free admission) to Of Rock and Chalk. If you decide to sign up for a year membership after that, you will get a credit of the price of the Beginner’s Course taken off your membership. 

Day Pass:

This pass is suitable for those who already know how to put on a harness, tie all the required knots properly, and belay in a safe and accurate manner as recognized by an indoor climbing association. You must pass a belay test with one of our staff to use this pass.

$16.82 (plus HST)

$15.93 (plus HST) - Students with a valid student I.D. card

Boulder Pass:

Bouldering is where you climb on walls where you do not need a harness or a belayer. The walls are anywhere from 8 feet to 10 feet in height and have a well padded mat on the floor to cushion falls and jumps. We have six bouldering areas for you to enjoy and spend all day on.

$13.28 (plus HST) for bouldering only

Auto Belay Pass

Our auto belay pass allows you to climb the roped walls without the need of a belayer and gives you all day access to our bouldering rooms.

$15.93 (plus HST)

Climb Time:

This is an opportunity for those young and old who would like to spend an hour or two on the wall but have no one to belay for them. Belay is supplied by our qualified staff to a maximum of 4 climbers per staff supervisor. Please call to make an appointment.

$22.13 (plus HST) per person for one hour of climbing

$38.06 (plus HST) per person for two hours of climbing

 Youth Groups:

Group Size 9 to 30

$20.36 (plus HST) per person for up to two hours of climbing, harnesses, and use of our party room during that time. There is even a special group rate for shoe rentals to take you even further $2.77 (plus HST).

Group Size 30 to 150

$20.36 (plus HST) per person for up to four hours of climbing, harnesses, and use of our party room during that time. There is even a special group rate for shoe rentals to take you even further $2.77 (plus HST).

  • Multi trip discounts available for small and large groups

We offer a variety of styles of groups to suit any age and ability. Please give us a call to book an appointment (at least one week’s notice is required for group bookings).

** Please note that it is important to call to book climb times, beginner courses & group events ahead of time to ensure that we will have an instructor available for you **



Contact Information
482 Ontario St, Newmarket, ON, Canada
Phone: 905-895-7625
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