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Launched in 1987 in Toronto, Mysteriously Yours Inc. is a commercial theatre company dedicated to producing and presenting the best interactive murder mysteries. Celebrating 30 years, Mysteriously Yours… is the world’s largest professional producer of interactive murder mystery entertainment. All shows are detailed, solvable mysteries based on familiar themes with lots of comedy and audience participation.

Our Venue

After more than 12 years at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel, Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre moved up-town in 1999 to 2026 Yonge Street, Toronto (the former Limelight Dinner Theatre), and now, as of August 2018, join us at the fabulous Chelsea Hotel, downtown Toronto.


“Murder On The Limelight Express!”
“Who Wants To Be A DEAD Millionaire?! ”
“Murder ON THE AIR! (A 1940’s Radio Mystery)”
“A Recipe For Murder! (or: Who Killed The CAST-IRON CHEF?)”
“Who Wants To Be A Survivor?”
“The Sleuth-A-Long Sound Of Mystery”
“Murder In Casablanca!”
“The Mystery Of The Maltese Blue Jay!”
“GodFather Knows Best!”

“A CLUE To Murder” “CSI: BAKER STREET” (A Sherlock Holmes Mystery)
“DEAD AIR! A Musical Murder Mystery”
“Goodbye Mr. Bond! (A Retirement Party for 007)”
“Murder On Sunset Blvd!”
“It’s A Wonderful Death!”
“Murder At Sea! (A Cruise Of TITANIC Proportions!)”
“Dancing With Stars Can Be Murder!”
“Extreme Holmes Makeover: Murder Edition!”

“Murder On The DisOrient Express!”
“Dr. Jekyll, There’s Nowhere To Hyde!”
“Hal’s Kitchen! (What’s Burning?)”
“Tangled Web! (The Detective Of The Century Award)”
“Murder At Twilight: A Vampire Murder Mystery!”
“Apprentice to Murder – You’re Fired!”
“The Fine Art of Murder: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery!”
“Once Upon A Murder! (A Fairy Tale Whodunit?!)” and “Uptown Abbey”
… with terrific casts and intriguing plots!

What happens at your mystery evening? How does it work?

Performances are held Saturday evenings with arrival at 6:30 pm for a delicious buffet dinner. Guests joining us for show only arrive at 7:30 pm and the mystery itself begins around 7:45 pm when you are introduced to the cast and theme of the show. Characters mingle with guests and visit tables to set the scene. Then, someone you’ve just met dies or a body is found and a detective is called in to investigate! He leads the questioning but you get to question them as well because they’re spread throughout the room, sitting at the tables with you.

Clue sheets and pencils are available at your table to help track the clues and figure out whodunit before the evening wraps up around 9:45 pm. Prizes are awarded to some of the guests who correctly solve the mystery. It’s a lot of fun and great for couples, friends, families, work outings, engagement parties, stag/stagettes- what occasion isn’t made better by a little murder?!

Contact Information
Chelsea Hotel, 33 Gerrard Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada
Phone: (416) 486-7469
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