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Indian River Reptile Zoo



The Indian River Reptile Zoo was established in 1998. In 2001, the zoo became a training facility for all Canadian Federal Wildlife Officers as well as several other   government agencies. In 2009, the zoo became a not for profit organization and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) registered charity* in order to gain public support. The zoo focuses its resources on the protection of the world’s reptile species. Today the Indian River Reptile Zoo is the leader in its field - actively participating in internationally regulated conservation programs and is primarily devoted to education.

       OVER 200 REPTILES

We provide visitors with the opportunity to view over 200 reptiles in climate controlled conditions. Each enclosure presents reptiles in their natural setting and features specific information about each species. These animals act as ambassadors, allowing visitors to safely get close to reptiles that they would not likely see in the wild.Image result for eastern diamondback rattlesnake

We work passionately to protect all reptile species and maintain a large number of
animals that are not
on display, so that our animals can be rotated off display in order to reduce stress.

Some of our reptiles are rescued animals from the pet trade and many others are endangered species that have been seized by Federal Wildlife Officers. These are animals which cannot be returned to the wild for various reasons. We enlist endangered animals in regulated breeding programs to help save species from extinction.



The Indian River Reptile Zoo focuses its efforts on reptile conservation. Presenting a variety of reptile species at our zoo, we give our visitors an opportunity to see animals they would not see anywhere else in Canada. Each animal we maintain helps contribute to the future of its own species. Raising awareness to its plight and functioning within regulated breeding   programs. We do not buy, sell or trade animals with the general public.

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               Featuring climate controlled ponds and indoor/outdoor viewing of over 100 crocodilian!

 This exciting new exhibit is a must see for all nature lovers.



    2017 Hours:

      January 1st - March 9th: CLOSED

      March 10th -19th: Open Daily 10am - 5pm

      March 20th - April 30th: Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10am-5pm

      May 1st - September 30th: Open Daily 10am-5pm (including holidays)

2206 County Rd 38, Asphodel-Norwood, ON, K0L 2B0

Contact Information
2206 County Rd 38, Indian River, ON, Canada K0L2B0
Phone: 705-639-1443
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