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Grand River Rafting Company … 1 Hour West of Toronto

"Experience Everything Together"... raft the Grand RiverCanoe Trips on the Grand... You can take a lesson before you trip.Turbo Tubing on the Grand River... safe, relaxing and fun!Try Kayaks... glide like a swan... take a lesson... then go on your own>Stand Up Paddleboard on the Grand River... go for 9kms or 13kms... a true Huck-Fin journeyNon-Tip Yaks on the Grand River... for those who want to stay dry... great for adults and children.

At Grand River Rafting our guides show the valley the way they would to their best friend.We have many full time professionals working for us, but teaching and sharing their passion for the outdoors and guiding on the side!

There are 40 people on staff, most over 24 years of age.  Come check out why more guests choose us for the Grand River Valley.

In the beginning was the Grand River……

This family business began in 2006 when my son Chad suggested we start an outdoor adventure company. I thought we would “lose our shirts”… because there were already 8 other outfitters on the Grand River.

Our approach had to be different! We started out with 4 rafts, doing floating classrooms with minimum paddling and maximum learning. We excelled at the art of being found. Hired people of passion. Developed a 3 week staff training program. Partnered and used our success to help others become successful.

In 2018, we hosted over 40,000 people with 53 staff. We had the capacity to host 1,000 people a day…. and were ranked in the top 2% out of 1,700 outdoor adventures in Ontario.

Getting big was never our goal… getting it right was!

Choose Your Route

Trips can be self-guided with a map or you can hire a guide. Before your trip you can take an optional lesson to learn how to canoe, kayak and stand up paddle board on the Grand River.

Choose from 3 trips with 9 different types of boats!

Glen Morris to Paris 11 Km

This route  is our shortest trip.  The river averages about 1 meter in depth with 2 meter deep pools in this section. It has moving water with 7 easy swifts and rapids.

Start point is about 2 km above Glen Morris. The paddle is through a pristine wilderness setting, no stores along the way.  You can find a spring for water and swimming areas along the way.  (refer to the map)

Lunch-picnic stops are at Glen Morris, an island and the end point. The town of Paris is 5 km away for food and beverages after your trip.

Paris to Brant Park 13 Km

This trip starts on the Nith River and goes into the Grand River.  The river averages 1 meter in depth with 2 meter deep pools. Many first time canoe, kayak, stand up paddle board clients prefer this route as it makes for a relaxing day or the perfect introduction.

The Paris to Brant Park route is a scenic paddle from a town setting into pristine wilderness.  The section has moving shallow rapids at 1 km mark and then easy going after that.

Some of the highlights are drinkable spring water and perfect swimming areas.  There are picnic stops and portable washrooms at the 9 km mark.

The trip starts in the town of Paris, Ontario, which gives you access to stores and amenities right at the starting point.

Cambridge to Paris 17 Km

This is our longest trip. The river averages 1 meter deep with 2 meter deep pools. This section of river has moving water with over 10 easy rapids.

We do not advise doing this section for beginners.

The Cambridge start point has a washroom and variety store. Paddling from an open farmland setting into a wilderness setting is spectacular. There is spring water and swimming areas. Lunch-picnic stops at Glen Morris, an island and the end point. The town of Paris is 3 km away for food and beverages after your trip.

Contact Information
31 Mechanic St, Paris, ON N3L 1K1, Canada, (Office Location) N3L 1K1
Phone: 519-442-2519
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