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We want you to experience something out of this world. Have you ever dreamt of conquering your fear of heights? or what it would be like battle a zombie apocalypse? Or playing dodge ball with missiles and light balls? We offer 14 virtual reality stations where you can experience something like you’ve never have before. We take new and exciting technology and make it accessible and affordable for everyone. Virtual Reality is the way of the future, and we want you to enjoy it.


With 50 games to choose from, we have something for everyone. More than half of those games and experiences are multiplayer. Bring your friends! There’s nothing like beating your friends in our boxing game, without getting hurt at all! Our multiplayer options range from 2 players together up to 10 players together in the same game, at the same time. Our rate of $24.99 per station, per hour makes it easy to get in and have some fun!


What do you do here?

Unlike other traditional arcades, there no need to be constantly swiping a card or putting coins into a machine. You rent a VR Station by the hour. You have full access to all 50 games available during your time. Play as many as you want, for as long as you want, during your 1 hour booking. No worries about losing a game and having to pay again, just restart the game!


How do I VR?

  1. Book online to ensure your spot is reserved! We’d hate for you to arrive and us not have any stations available!
  2. Fill out the Waiver available on our website (
  3. Arrive 15-20 minutes ahead of your spot to ensure you aren’t rushing, especially if its your first time!
  4. Watch a short instructional video on how to use all the equipment and Enjoy!


Not sure you will know what to do? Don’t worry! We always have staff here to help you get into VR for the first time as well as help you make some initial game selections. A few minutes in VR and you will see how easy it is!

Contact Information
14-840 Queenston Rd, Stoney Creek, ON, Canada L8G 4A8
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